Candy Table Services


Want to impress your guests at your next special event?

LA Candy buffets are a beautiful and delicious way to treat your guests at your wedding, corporate event, shower, birthday party, or any other special event you are planning. Plus, it's easy! You just provide us with your event details, colors, and theme, and LA Candy Bar takes care of everything else!

We use only high quality candy and custom order it specifically for your event to ensure maximum freshness! We have professional delivery, set-up, and removal services included in our packages for your convenience.

LA Candy provides candy buffets in most of the GTA area for parties of 50 or more (we are located in Burlington, Ontario). If you are interested in booking LA Candy for your next special event, call us at 905-407-9228, or email us at

LA Candy Bar Candy Buffet

We create custom-designed candy buffets and do not believe in limiting candy quantities to offer the most variety to please everyone's sweet tooth! We use between 14 to 22 jars depending on guest count. We bundled the best of the best into affordable packages!

Candy Buffet Package A
50 to 75 guests
$5.75 per person

Candy Buffet Package B
76 to 100 guests
$5.50 per person

Candy Buffet Package C
100 to 150 guests
$5.25 per person

Candy Buffet Package D
151 + guests please contact us for pricing

The above packages include:

  • rental for assorted apothecary jars in various sizes
  • selecting and acquiring your candy - 1/3 to 1/2 lb per guest
  • up to 4 color coordinated confections
  • preparing each jar and designing the buffet table layout
  • selecting high-end ribbon for each embellished tag and jar
  • rental for scoops and tongs
  • goody bags for guests to select their own variety of sweets and twist ties
  • delivery and set up candy buffet and table display
  • return for apothecary jar removal after event


Limiting your buffet to one specific color can limit flavors and may increase the cost of our basic candy buffet packages to a premium priced package. For example: I want an all yellow wedding and candy buffet and I love M&Ms. Yellow relates to flavors like lemon, banana, pineapple, and butterscotch. M&Ms are yellow - and red, blue, green, brown, and orange. Specific colored M&Ms are available, but they cost more than the standard M&Ms. We believe in flexibility and try to incorporate all suggestions, but we also encourage our customers to incorporate one or more of the following colors: gold and/or silver, white and/or cream, unwrapped milk, dark, and/or white chocolate. Yes, we can use one color, but the result can increase your buffet cost due to the custom work involved to incorporate specific colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book LA Candy Bar to custom design my candy buffet?

A: You can email or call us to provide your date, event venue, and guest count. We will contact you directly to confirm availability. Please note that certain venues do not allow outside vendors to cater their facilities, so it is recommended that you obtain venue approval first. LA Candy Bar requires that the venue provide a six (6) to eight (8) foot table with linens as well as a minimum two (2) hour window to set up prior to your guests’ arrival. Once LA Candy has confirmed availability and you are ready to confirm the booking, a deposit will be required We can add extra customizations to your candy buffet (subject to additional fees), or we can eliminate a service to help you stay within a certain budget.

Q: How much does the candy buffet cost?

A: Please review our package pricing tab. Multiply the package pricing within your guest count range with your approximate guest count. Once you are ready to book, we can determine if there will be an additional fee for specialized customization, premium candy selections, or additional set up and removal fees (only applies if the venue is located outside the GTA city limits)

Q: How can I pay?

A: Once your date had been approved, a fifty percent (50%) deposit is required to secure your date. The remaining balance is not payable in full until 2 weeks prior to your event date. You can pay by cash, cheque or credit card.

Here at LA Candy Bar we understand that sometimes things happen, and if you need to cancel your event for any reason, you will receive eighty percent (80%) of your deposit if we are notified 120 days or more prior to your event. You will receive ten percent (10%) of your deposit if we are notified 31 to 60 days prior to your event. No deposit ($0) will be refunded if you notify us within 30 days or less prior to your event.

Q: Will you provide candy buffets outside the GTA city limits?

A: We currently only service the GTA. . However, please feel free to contact us if you are out of this range, as we may be able to accommodate your request. If your date is available, the location is within range for us, and we have plenty of notice, we may be able to provide your candy bar!

Q: Are your candy buffets just for weddings?

A: Absolutely not, we create candy buffets for any occasion! We offer affordable options for various guest counts and event type. We take as much care with a birthday event or baby shower for 50 guests as we do for a corporate event or wedding with 500 guests.

Q: Can I have a candy buffet for a group less than 50?

A: Yes, LA Candy can provide candy buffets for smaller groups too! However, a minimum pricing of $425 will apply. Please contact LA Candy Bar to find out if we are available for your event.

Q: Can I have all pink candy?

A: LA Candy Bar can provide candies by the colour or colour combination. We will pay special attention to the flavour profile of your candy buffet, which can be impacted by the fact that a single colour can result in different candies with the same flavour. Our consultants will help guide you through this and can design options that compliment your colour theme while increasing the flavour options for your guests! We always recommend incorporating neutral colours such as white, cream, silver, gold, or chocolate into your colour themed buffet for both visual interest and flavour variety. In our store, we have a display section dedicated just to candy buffets where you can see our rainbow of colour coordinated candy samples on display!

Please note that some colours and types of premium candy are more expensive to order, for example Teal M&Ms cost more than regular M&Ms. We can provide you with a quote should you want to include premium colours or types of candy into your buffet.

Q: What type of candy will you use?

A: First and foremost, LA Candy Bar doesn’t order your candy until two weeks prior to your event to ensure you get the freshest candy possible! We will work with you to select candy based on your theme, style, and preferences. Our basic packages include various quality candy selections, many of which can be sampled from our in-store bulk section. In our store, we also have a display section dedicated just to candy buffets where you can view our rainbow of colour coordinated candy samples!

We can also accommodate special requests such as retro candy, or perhaps a decadent mixture of chocolate selections (yum!). Whatever you want, LA Candy Bar can help guide you through the selection process and make the candy buffet of your dreams a reality!